Fermilab Retiree Resources

This site is a resource to provide easy access to forms, documents and tools for you to manage your benefits. These resources provide valuable information on your coverage through Fermilab.


Retiree Annual Open Enrollment Oct. 25 – Nov. 8

Annual Enrollment is your opportunity to make changes to your retiree medical coverage for the upcoming year. You may change between the HMO and PPO plans. You can drop a dependent, but you may not add any new dependents. Annual enrollment guides were mailed to retirees’ home addresses the week of Oct. 23. You can also use the quick links on the right side of this page to access the information.

For those who retired after 1/1/2020 please note that the cost sharing is 65%.

The 65% cost share effective 1/1/2022 remains the same in 2024 with no future increases planned at this time (see the schedule on page 4 of the 2024 Retiree Annual Enrollment Guide).

The retiree webpage will not address Medicare’s annual open enrollment or related topics. These questions should be directed to Via Benefits at 1-855-241-5721.

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